SurfaPore R – Nanotechnology for clay based surfaces such as roof tiles and pottery.


SurfaPore R protects your clay surfaces against water and ageing while it preserves the aesthetics. After applying SurfaPore R, your roof tiles and pottery repel water and remain dry even after rain. By excluding water, you protect your favourite clay based surfaces from “greening” of mould growth and cracking, due to frost.


SurfaPore R is a water based emulsion, composed of nanoparticles, possessing three molecular regions: (a) the core nano-sized particles, suitably engineered to fit into the pores of a clay-based surface, (b) the hydrophobic moiety, attached on top of the core nano-sized particles, responsible for the creation of a continuous hydrophobic layer that covers all the clay product’s pores, capillaries and free surface and (c) the binding moiety, responsible for anchoring the nano-particle directly onto the clay surfaces. In contrast to traditional sealers that cover the surface with polymerising additives, SurfaPore R dresses the pores, the capillaries and the “free” surface of clay based products with hydrophobic materials. Instead of covering your favourite roof-tiles, let them breath protected. Pores still exist, capillaries are still effective channels of humidity and air transportation, but the liquid water droplets cannot touch your clay surface thus preventing frost threat, mould growth, efflorescence and white spots development.


Roof tiles, Pottery, Absorptive Cotto tiles, clay based surfaces, bricks


Surface Application: The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore R with a brush, a roller or spray gun. No dilution is required. On very absorptive surfaces re-apply within 3 hours.

Dipping: Dip the clay based surface in SurfaPore R for 30 seconds. In any case (surface application or dipping) test results on a small area before full scale application. Maximum water repellency is achieved 24 hours post application.

Consumption: Estimated consumption rate 9-11 m²/L, strongly dependant on the properties of the surface applied.

SurfaPore R – Nanotechnology for clay based surfaces such as roof tiles and pottery.